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Personalized Wealth Plans & Tax Smart Investing

Outstanding Engagement,
Loyalty & Customer Care

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking “care” of me for so many years!  You should be so very proud to have helped so many individuals.  Sincerely, JM”  

“As a friend and longtime client of David’s I can say we have had many opportunities to discuss the pros and cons of investing.  I have valued his thoughtful advice and his willingness to spend time with his clients; his door is always open.  I’ve recommended David to several of my friends and would not hesitate doing so in the future  … he takes the time to hear your story.  Respectfully, WS”

It is without question that it is David’s authenticity and desire to help others that proves his outstanding engagement and client care.

Not an understatement.  Within the card, every surface contained proclamations of appreciation and yes, love.  “Love ya!!”, intimating the profound sentiments of heartfelt thanks to being able to entrust and safeguard one’s lifetime accumulation of hard work, and yet simultaneously needing to contain professional and personal boundaries of expressed sentiment.  Gratefulness oozed from the card …

David’s confession matches his conduct: regular client reviews of the robust tax saving measures implemented to fortify the anticipatory client asset management, with a stewardship that is nominally fee-based; “…creating tomorrow’s paycheque TODAY!” is the piece of mind that David assures both in and in anticipation of, retirement.  Clients attest to David’s commitment throughout their decades of loyalty to the practice.

David’s 2017 Invesco Lifetime Achievement Award is not all a bed of roses.  We know and understand client attrition:  hottest market-trends and their promotion that pull at the client’s psyche, taking them to other “houses”.  But the real test is when, unencumbered to scour the landscape and settle afar, clients return to the Practice.


Personalized Wealth Plans & Tax Smart Investing

Outstanding Advisor
of the Year

“David’s financial advice has translated into sound returns that I certainly would not have been able to attain otherwise.  His expertise in the field has allowed me to take strategic advantage of beneficial new products as they surface in an ever-changing landscape of tax law and investment management.  My only regret is that I did not place my portfolio with him sooner.”  MB DDS

As a seasoned and veteran ‘Senior Investment Advisor’, David still pushes the envelope to both build and multiply his practice. Concurrent with this growth and evolution is the investment with and in cultivating new client relationships.

Admittedly, this is colloquial activity within the wealth management landscape. However what is astonishing is that after months and years of departure, clients return to his practice! A case in point is a client who thought that greener pastures were awaiting with his 2011 departure, only to call David in 2017 to express regret and admission of the wrong in leaving David’s stewardship. The client asked if he could return to the Practice.

As demographics shift and cohorts progress through life’s timeline, David is relentless as he strives to educate Canadians on the value-proposition of retirement income planning rather than the industry’s focus on retirement income savings. The essential distinction is where the education is needed: after the accumulation phase (work life) is the spending phase (retirement) and it is the spending phase that demands even greater education, rigor, and scrutiny with clients. This key-driver is a constant and evolving endeavor, and one of the cornerstones of Blue Oceans Private Wealth Group’s Comprehensive Wealth Planning:

“What DOES your Retire-Mentality look like??”