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Wealth Legacy Plans & Tax Solutions

As your life progresses and new needs unfold, our job is to get out in front and put the pieces of the puzzle together. We liberate you from financial management so that you are free to go out and live your well-deserved Comfortable Lifestyle in Retirement.

Our Process
  • Understanding your financial goals, potential obstacles and preferences
  • Identifying your interest, if any, in our HNW services beyond investing
  • Gathering documentation
  • Opening dialogues with your accountant and attorney, if required
  • Personalized financial plan
  • Investment portfolio
  • HNW services
  • Implementation and transition schedule
  • Working together – briefings and reviews
  • Initiate the financial plan
  • Phase in the investment recommendations
  • Enrol in HNW services
  • Send transfer forms, consolidate assets
  • Review the forthcoming client statements
  • Monitor progress according to your Wealth Legacy Plan
  • Adjust your Plan and investments at key milestones or change in life circumstances
  • Inform you, your accountant and attorney of anything you should be aware of
  • Help you navigate your options of complex wealth